Orchestral Serenity

For each event we create unique individual music program and fills it with boundless and luxurious beauty.

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Orchestral Serenity is your reliable partner in creating an unrivalled atmosphere at your special event. Trust us and we will provide an unforgettable musical performance that will leave your guests spellbound.

Over than 10 years of experience in conducting large-scale events for the most sophisticated audience, over 250 high end concerts of varied audience and venue.

About the soloist

Arina Azarova – the unsurpassed lead singer of the band. Is singer and harpist with a unique sense and mergence of genre accompanied with a jazz band and string orchestra mostly.

As a leader, Arina collaborates closely with her fellow musicians, ensuring that every aspect of the performance is meticulously planned and executed. She brings together the jazz band and string orchestra, utilizing their unique talents to enhance the musical arrangements and create a cohesive and harmonious sound.

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